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IR filter installation (HOYA CM500)

HQ camera is able to see in IR and UV spectrum. But in this case, the colors of the image will be "abnormal". To fix this issue IR filter is used. In HQ camera it's a small piece (8.9mm x 8.9mm x 1mm) piece of glass. We included two such filters in the HQ housing kit. They are exactly the same as used in HQ cameras.

If you want to take regular images and video - you need to install this filter.

If you are planning to do some experiments with IR or UV vision, you can pass this step.

Carriage and CM500 filter

To do this installation you will need a couple of black carriages from the kit, two IR filters, a toothpick, and glue.

Note: please do not use the cyanoacrylate "one-second" glue! Its condensed vapors can leave traces on the filter. Also, it is too liquid and can stain the filter. The best glue to use is transparent thick one like Henkel Pattex.

A drop of glue

Using the toothpick, please put tiny drops of glue in each corner.

The ideal size of a drop is marked by A in this photo.

The real drop example is marked by B.

Put the IR filter into the carriage. Try not to leave fingerprints on the filter. And let the glue dry.

You should get these assemblies as a result:

CM500 filters installed

HQ camera disassembly

Unscrew two screws on the backside of each HQ camera.

HQ camera disassembly, part 1

Carefully detach the camera board from the metal part.

HQ camera disassembly, part 2

Installation of HQ camera to the carriage

For this step, you will need the HQ camera PCB with the sensor, and the carriage with IR filter installed.

HQ installation to the carriage

Put the camera inside the carriage.

Check the camera connector is faced to the side of the carriage without a notch!

HQ camera in the carriage, step 1

Align the camera inside the carriage and secure it using 4 screws from the kit:

HQ camera in the carriage, step 2

You should have this couple of carriages with the cameras as a result:

HQ cameras in carriages

Carriages installation

For this step, you will need the main HQ metal housing part and a set of plungers.

HQ carriages installation

No-ball plungers installation

Install no-ball plungers

Install no-ball plungers, step 2

Carriages installation

Install carriages

Ball plungers installation

Ball plungers installation

Carriages' fixators installation

Carriages' fixators installation

Carriages' fixators installation, step 2

Carriages' fixators installation, step 3

Carriages' fixators installation, step 4

Carriages' fixators installation, step 5

Secure ball plunger

Brass spacers installation

Brass spacers installation

StereoPi v2 installation to the backplate

StereoPi v2 installation, step 1

StereoPi v2 installation - connect ribbon cables

Secure four nylon spacers using nylon bolts

StereoPi v2 with the spacers

Remove the safety film from the backplate

Attach the backplate to the StereoPi's spacers

Secure backplate with nylon nuts

StereoPi v2 with the backplate attached (HQ housing)

Connecting HQ cameras' cables

Connect HQ cameras

HQ cameras with 5cm ribbon cables

Assembling the front and back together

Secure the backplate using metal screws

The result of the assembly

10cm and 5cm assemblies comparison

StereoPi v2 with HQ housing and two 6mm CS lenses

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Installing 2" screen and shoot button

For the 2" screen and shoot button installation you can follow this section of the guide for the Camera Kit: Screen and shot button installation