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StereoPi v2 brief information:

1. StereoPi v2 crowdfunding campaign is live!:

2. 3D STEP model of the StereoPi v2:

StereoPi Wiki Main Page

Information sources

  Project page:
  StereoPi v2 Crowdfunding (buy) page: CrowdSupply
  StereoPi v1 Crowdfunding (buy) page: CrowdSupply
  Project forum:
  StereoPi Twitter
  StereoPi blog StereoPi project page.

StereoPi v2 information

The Basics

Advanced User Section

Stereopi Livestream Playground (S.L.P.) image

Ready-to-use image for experiments with 3D livestream. You may use it with a classic Raspberry Pi, disabling “stereo” mode and use only one camera.

Features You Should Know

Some useful tips from different scopes.

  • Rotate, flip and swap stereoscopic picture
  • Camera mechanics may break your plan (features)
  • Power cable is for current load, not for weight load

StereoPi Mechanics

* DIY Ninjas Section

StereoPi Specifications

Computer Vision

Our experiments

Downloads section

Raspbian S.L.P. Image

Raspbian Stretch OpenCV Image

Raspbian Buster OpenCV Image (Python code)

Raspbian Buster OpenCV Image (Python and C++ code, the latest release)

dt-blob.bin and dt-blob.dts files

Where to buy