The Basics

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The basics

While inserting Compute Module 3(CM3) in to the SteroPi, first insert it in the SO-DIMM connector at a 45-degree angle and firmly press down until you hear a “click”. If you will not insert it correctly (with a 45 degree angle), you may still hear a “click”, but some CM3 contacts may not make contact with the SO DIMM connector pins. If the device is powered up in this configuration, it will either will not boot, or will die a painful death! So, do yourself a favor and remove and install the StereoPi with a 45 degree angle!

While connecting camera ribbons, the first step is PULLING black the fixator up 4-5 mm. After that insert camera ribbon by BLUE side to BLACK fixator. Check that the cable is fully inserted at a 90 degree angle. After that push the black fixator down to secure the ribbo