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CM1 support (how to change power mode)

CM1 and CM3 VBAT power

Compute Module 1 needs 3.3V power for VBAT, and CM3/CM3+ needs 5V VBAT.

By default StereoPi is tuned to provide 5V voltage for CM3 series support.

To change powering mode for CM1 support you need:

1. Unsolder R15 (0 Ohm) resistor here:

R15 resistor StereoPi

2. Solder R17 (0 Ohm) resistor or piece of wire here:

R17 resistor StereoPi

Undeclared feature: usb client mode

StereoPi usb switch

You can easily access CM's USB on MicroUSB connector. You need to unplug the power cable, and connect StereoPi's MicroUSB cable to your computer without installing USB SLAVE jumper. In this case DD4 USB switch will connect CM's USB pins directly to MicroUSB connector. Onboard USB and LAN will be disabled, and you can use usb-gadget API to turn on RNDIS LAN, usb camera or other modes on StereoPi according to your aim.

If you connect StereoPi by MicroUSB cable to your computer AND install USB SLAVE jumper, you will turn on firmware upload mode. Start rpiboot.exe to make eMMC visible as external drive.

Device tree (DTS and dt-blob.bin)

Ready to use dt-blob.bin file:

Download mirror 1 (Wiki hosting)

Download mirror 2 (website hosting)

DTS source file

Download mirror 1 (Wiki hosting)

Download mirror 2 (website hosting)

Schematic of the StereoPi board

You can find current edition of the KiCad StereoPi schematics here:

Here is a list of PDF schematics exported from Altium:

List 1 (main/CM)

List 2 (power)

List 3 (usb/lan)