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StereoPi v2 (CM4) information

StereoPi v2 Quick Start Guide

StereoPi v2 Quick Start Guide

StereoPi v2 Camera Kit Quick Start Guide

StereoPi v2 Camera Kit Guide

SLP2 RaspiOS guide

SLP2 (StereoPi Livestream Playground v2)

StereoPi HQ Housing Assembly Guide

HQ housing assembly

StereoPi v2 information

StereoPi v1 (CM3) information

The Basics

Advanced User Section

Stereopi Livestream Playground (S.L.P.) image

Ready-to-use image for experiments with 3D livestream. You may use it with a classic Raspberry Pi, disabling “stereo” mode and use only one camera.

Features You Should Know

Some useful tips from different scopes.

  • Rotate, flip and swap stereoscopic picture
  • Camera mechanics may break your plan (features)
  • Power cable is for current load, not for weight load

StereoPi Mechanics

* DIY Ninjas Section

StereoPi Specifications

Computer Vision

Our experiments

Downloads section

Raspbian S.L.P. Image

Raspbian Stretch OpenCV Image

Raspbian Buster OpenCV Image (Python code)

Raspbian Buster OpenCV Image (Python and C++ code, the latest release)

dt-blob.bin file

Where to buy