StereoPi v2 mechanics

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StereoPi v2 3D model

StereoPi v2 step model preview

Compute Module 4 3D model

Please note, that our StereoPi v2 model includes simplified drawings of Compute Module 4.

To get detailed modules, use these files from the Raspberry Pi website:

CM4 step model preview

PoE shield for StereoPi v2 model

StereoPi v2 PoE module 3D preview

StereoPi V2 Camera Kit Acrylic Drawings

Preview for Stereopi V2 camera kit acrylic drawings (3mm thickness)

StereoPi Metal HQ housing drwaings

Stereopi HQ housing

Acrylic backplate for the Metal HQ Housing case assembly

Preview of Acrylic backplate for the HQ Metal Housing assembly

More drawings coming soon